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Hi there

I am testing Leopard and specifically the iCal server at the moment. It occured to me that if you were able to specify a calender per context in OF you could have a context that links to a delegated calendar and could directly assign tasks to other people. Then when they completed it or updated it in their iCal, your next sync would pull back those changes.

Sorry if this is obvious to people its just something that occured to me today whilst testing todo's in iCal Server.

At the moment OF creates static calendars for each context you have (not very cleverly - I know still beta! - at the moment, if you have grouped contexts it cuts the group detail - can be confusing with similar context names in different context groups).

For this to work there would have to be an attribute for each Context detailing the iCal calendar to sync with. Doesn't sound too hard and might be handy for non Leopard issues as well. This also has the benefit that it all still sits within the current sync framework rather than having to talk to CalDav or transiting stuff via email etc.

This would be the perfect solution for task delegation in a Mac Office environment. Big, big ask. Any chance of seeing this before 1.0. This would be the feature that pushed OF from fringe tool to core business tool for us.