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in the current ical, if you publish a calendar, i don't think anyone else can edit it.

also, isn't it usually better to have that person report back to you? we're making personal lists, so the strength would be in personal accountability.
Thanks Scot, but I wasn't talking about the current iCal, this indeed is read only and not CalDav based. I was talking about the Leopard version of iCal which is far more advanced. And with a small additional feature, or rather configuration option it would be possible for OF to take significant advantage of the new collaborative features.

I appreciate that this method does lose the personal touch in that once a task is delegated you will only see it in your iCal/OF until someone completes it and then its just like you ticked the box - it disappears. But on the other side, to be honest thats all I need. I have delegated the task, I just need it done. I can see that when my project shows the next task after a sync.

As I say to take advantage of the new platform I just need to be able to specify which context syncs with which calendar.