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This is the one thing that I've been waiting for from OF for months! My main reason is that I only need the contexts that exist where I'm away from my computer and to be sync'd to iCal and then sync'd to my handheld.

The main problem that I have with the current 'all or nothing' sync is that I have several hundred tasks that I have to do in the context of sitting in front of my computer. I don't need these to be on my mobile or in iCal. In fact, having them there just clouds the water, to say nothing of the nearly 50 extraneous calendars that are being created (I'm a busy man - I have a lot of contexts). I need the much smaller set of tasks that are errand-type tasks that need to be done when away from my computer.

Currently, I am essentially manually filtering actions and doing dual entry and management of tasks - once in iCal and once in OF. I want to be able to specify that a particular context should be sync'd to a particular iCal calendar, that would be ideal. Additionally, if I don't configure a context to sync to a particular calendar, then it doesn't get sync'd.

Oh, and I've filed this via the 'Send Feedback' help link, and I'm just covering my bases here...