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I often have most of my contexts available to me when I'm working on a project. Everything at my mac (email, online, offline), my work location, phone, etc are all available. In terms of selecting the most important project to work on, it feels like I only have two inefficient options right now.

1. Look at all my contexts to find something (cmd selecting multiple entries helps this out)
2. Scan my list of projects

#2 is out because it's horribly inefficient. Even though I have most of my contexts available, I don't want to be looking at Home projects when I'm at work.

#1, with the help of multiple selection almost works, but then a higher priority is given to the tasks themselves, not the projects. The projects are scrunched and tucked away on the right, and the tasks are large and distracting.

What would be great would be to select all of the available contexts, then see a list of projects available. From there, you could double-click or hit a shortcut and be focused on that particular project. I think that would help the intuitive selection that GTD is based around a lot.

I wonder if this is something that could be accomplished with Apple-script. I know nothing of Applescript, save that it's powerful... and that I ought to start learning it ;)