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Hello - my first post on this forum.. :)

I am new to omnifocus (a week so far and already its hard to do without it). My usage will be such that I don't forsee the need for anything more than a backup of what is really current in my Omnifocus.. i.e. I dont want to clog up my MAC or mobileme ( how I syc) with huge archives and out-dated databases. All I want is to know that I have a backup of what was on my MAC or iPhone just a minute before, should I something go wrong and I lose it all.

Do I have many choices in all of this? I am told on my iPhone version that I have something like 50 actions and 10 projects in 125 zip files, which tells me that there is surely more being stored somewhere than I need. but I am not understanding the instructions I have read about how to keep everything clean and basically just up to date. I am scared to click on re-set database on my iPhone, as I did that on day 1 ( when, luckily, there wasn't much data to lose) and everything disappeared.

I hope my question makes sense.

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