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Here we are. I've removed the things specific to my purposes and made it a little more generic.

To use it, open your outline as the front document and either run it from Script Editor or the scripts menu. It will create a folder on the desktop called "Rows-To-RTF" (which you can change in the script) and create an RTF file named for each top-level row/section with all of it's notes and sub-rows within.

As it is, you can't point it anywhere but the desktop, but I'll probably fix that later. As the filename is taken from the row text, it may also fail if the row is too long. I don't know how you lay out your files, but mine are usually short row names with long notes.

I used plain text for my exporting, so I haven't thoroughly checked to see if any formatting is lost, but in my tests it all looks fine.

Let me know if there any tweaks that might make it better.
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