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How fortuitous!
Indeed! This is almost perfect, thank you very much.

Eaglefiler maintains a folder for automatic import and I managed to point the script to that folder. I also adapted my notes-template to suit the format of your script (row title & note content), which is entirely reasonable to me. It's working fine so far.

What I've yet to find out is how to keep the style settings of my document. In my document the row font and the notes font are the same (Charis SIL regular), and there are no handles, no checkboxes and no column titles. The exported documents show do show the row names in the correct font, but there are column titles, checkboxes and the notes contents are shown in Helvetica italics.

Since your script creates a temporary file for each row, I assume you are referring to a template of yours in the line
export it to saveFile as "OORTFPboardType"
Is this the right place to investigate further in order to keep my formatting?

You say you're using plain text for exporint your notes. In fact, my current notes system is based on plain text files indexed by Devonthink, but I'm trying out Eaglefiler and RTF-notes now, since I want to abandon Devonthink for several reasons. I like the idea of having the clickable links that come with RTF, but I'd be totally fine with (and used to) plain text notes if that would make things easier. At least for now customising your script is a perfect entry into Applescript.