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I've reported all my troubles, yes. But I was never offered a newer version to try out. Are the keychain and shared bookmark bugs fixed in this 5.8 beta?

Regardless I find good web browsers such as Camino are not this buggy, and the time of having put up with web browsers being unstable and generally crap is well up! :-) has info on the sneaky peek track for OmniWeb 5.8. I have downloaded it, but not yet tried it, so I cannot comment on whether or not it fixes your issues (which I haven't encountered with 5.7). Even if I had, only you can really definitively answer the question of whether your issues are still present, right?

In any case, it sounds like you have a browser you prefer, and maybe the $15 outlay will save you money in the future, by causing you to look more critically at software recommended by Macworld, et al before plunking down the hard-earned cash :-)