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Here's why that doesn't work for me.

I have one main OO document that I keep open at all times. In it are about dozen different sections, each representing a different project. I've set the document up from a template that uses Arial 12 as its default font. But for one of the sections, I want to use Arial 14. So I highlighted every line of that section, went into the Inspector, and selected Arial 14. So far, so good.

If I create a new Item, it stays Arial 14. But if I PASTE some text into this section using "Paste With Current Style", it pastes it in Arial 12. What I want is for Paste to behave the same as creating a new line., i.e., not changing the format from the lines around it.

Any way to do that (other than creating a new document for that one outline)?
But it works perfectly well for me except that I've discovered that OOPro doesn't respond to keyboard shortcut changes like that, unlike other apps, Nisus, Scrivener ... though they use the Apple Text Editor to check I created an outline where: level 1 rows are 14 point Times; level 2 rows are 12 point times; level 3 rows are 10 point times. With only a level 1 row in the outline, I pasted in some text in Optima 13 in the original, with "Paste with Current Style" it went in as Times 14; I then created a new row, moved it down to level 2 and pasted the text in ... Times 12; then a third row, moved down to level 3 ... Times 10; another row, moved up to level 2 ... Times 12; another row moved to level 1 ... Times 14.

Oh, hang on ... I see ... hmm ... you're not actually setting a level to a style, just some individual lines. I don' t know how you're going to solve that one ...

I don't have time to experiment, but have you tried using a custom style for that section ... Do custom styles replicate themselves automatically on new rows? I've never used them so don't know the answer.