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The auto style levels is counterintuitive as it stands. And alas the styles feature is very poorly documented in manual and tutorials. Through way too much trial and error and wasted time, I now see that IF you set up your own styles and apply them, they have the effect of stabilizing the style of columns, and column style retaining precedence over row style. BUT the hierarchy is not under user control. And otherwise, pasting chits here and there does not work.

Still - No matter how I drag/drop or cut/paste I haven't been able to get it to auto format the pasted material to conform stylewise to the field I drop it into ... which means individually reformatting every field...

For OO4 - I like to be able to change styles as I work, eventually reverting back to the standard style I've set up. For example, I'm organizing a research project with a lot of interviews and contacts and web-research. (I keep my headings and main in the first column and use notes heavily. Then in subsequent columns I have Contact Name, email, URLs.) During the research the folks I have yet to talk to are in red. As I talk with them, I change them to green. The URLs and Emails are always maintained ready to click (underlined/color). As I research I do a lot of pasting in. I want that all to be formatted per the styles I've selected for the relevant row level or column.

What would be so helpful is a clear manipulable hierarchy of styles in the style window that can be moved up and down to take precedence, and each of which should be independently lockable. Also some simple way to
1) either "lock" in styles to any group of fields (ideally by being able to command-click to select any rows, columns, and cells) OR "apply" a particular style to any selection of items.
2) "revert to style hierarchy"
3) be able to deliberately override any style (as you can now)
4) make the style override anything being pasted

Am I missing some of these that are undocumented features?