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Can I really be working on all these things at once?
If you are, man, you are seriously getting things done. :-)

Maybe I should be more aggressive in putting projects on hold and then trust my reviews to keep them in my field of view?
The exercise of being a bit brutal with the pruning of the active projects list has proven to be valuable to me in itself. It is definitely keeping me more honest. And pausing more projects that I would once have kept active also has had the unplanned benefit of making reviews more important and interesting.

itís like this: if I only pause stuff that is on the backest of back burners, then the on hold status starts to turn into a pile of pipe dreams with virtually no chance of even raising my eyebrows in a review, and simultaneously front-burner status is cheapened when every project and itís dog is on the front burner.

Iím really starting to like that active can mean active, dammit, and reviews are for re-evaluating lots of non-trivial on hold stuff to decide if indeed it should still be on hold. Usually it should, of course, but the GTD junkie in me just lives for those moments when I get to promote a much-anticipated project to active status ...

Oh, dear, Iíve really got this bug, donít I?