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I have 2 issues that I have come across and am not sure if these are known bugs.
first my forecast view badge is red and shows 5 overdue actions, but on the left side of the screen only 1 action is re, overdue and 2 are orange, the rest are all gray. Where could the other 4 overdues be?
One of two things is likely going on here. If upon further inspection, neither of these explanations is correct, we'd love to have you contact support for some further troubleshooting though!

The point of ambiguity is where you're seeing the red five badge (it's not entirely clear from your explanation).

1) If you're seeing it in the sidebar, then the likely explanation is that you have a total of 5 overdue and due soon actions with at least one of those being overdue. We color that sidebar badge for the worst case scenario, so you can see at a glance that you have something overdue that requires your attention. If you tap through the days of the week in forecast, you should be able to track down those overdue and due soon actions. For now, we wanted to keep the interface clean and did not implement split badges for this case.

2) If you're seeing the red 5 badge above a particular day, then the likely explanation is that you're looking at the today section and you have 5 total actions listed that have a due date within that 24 hour period. Again, we color for the worst case scenario, so if only one of those is already overdue, the badge will be colored red. Because it's a forecast of the day's work, we also count those gray (future start date) tasks in the badge. Imagine if you only had tasks that had a future start date, in the forecast you'd want to see those in the counts so you could plan your day for the projected work load. Again, we wanted to keep the badging simple and did not provide split badges that might show you the number of overdue/due soon/unavailable for a particular day.

Hope this helps clear things up, but don't hesitate to contact us if this doesn't explain your situation.