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I'm wondering if you use these sparingly or to the extreme?

First of all, I'd like to mention that over in the "Applying OmniFocus" subforum i've been getting a lot of help and advice regarding my own personal GTD/OF habits and since have actually been getting quite a bit of work done. I won't boast and lie that I've been getting everything done, but since have actually gotten off my lazy couch and started completing my available actions bit by bit.

I've even been finding myself at a public WiFi spot like Starbucks getting work done there, rather than surfing the web in my living room with numerous distractions present...but back to the question at hand....

Originally I came to the forum to ask how to add more options in my column, but quickly found them. For months since getting OF I've only had "Context" in the columns area of all my project's actions. I knew there were other options like Start & Due dates but never used them...but since see they can further my productivity...

So far I've had great success asking for good habits others implement in OF, here in these forums. I'm wondering that if you do use these, what's your criteria when doing so?

Do you only add a due date if it actually has one? Or do you give it one in hopes you'll get it done by then...?

I've used Start Dates sparingly here and there, mainly so they'll how up in my "available actions" perspective at a later day when I know I can start something and keep it off my plate til' then....

But what about Estimate?

Seriously, the estimate feature seems valuable to me...and I haven't even tested it out yet. But being able to add my guess on how much time i'd be spending on each action step seems like a good tool so I won't just look at an action fearing to do it thinking it'll take too long.

Before I get ahead of myself here and revamp my entire OF, I'd like to hear some input from you guys that have tried these features, whether its only once in a while or are religious over them.

The first photo contains how my OF has always looked like. the 2nd pic shows the start and due times and estimate feature available.(As for completion date, i've added this only to my "Completed" perspective, which I find fitting.
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