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If you've not used the start/due/estimate fields before now, I'd suggest using them sparingly at first to see how it works for you. I tend to use start dates more than due dates, and I only use due dates when something must be completed-not when I hope to have it completed. Sometimes I use both start and due dates on a task, depending on the nature of the task. Using your examples, I might set 'water cactus' to start on 7/15 (doesn't need watering before then) and a due date of 8/1 (cactus will die if not watered by then). For cleaning the house, I may use only a start date (last clean date + x days) with no due date, unless I am expecting company on a specific date. Then I would set a due date as well.

For time estimates, the way I use these is in conjunction with a context to ensure I have the time, and energy level, available to complete the task in the time estimated. I might have 'water cactus' at 5 min, clean bathroom at 30 min, and do laundry at 2 hours. Then if I am in my 'Home' context with 30 min available, I can easily filter so that I don't even consider doing the laundry, and I can make a choice between watering the cactus and cleaning the bathroom depending on my energy level. Or, I can filter on duration and due soon (bathroom must be completed soon-company coming tomorrow, water cactus not due for 5 days) to direct my focus on the more urgent task of cleaning the bathroom.
I've used Due Dates before only a bit, but stopped since I hated seeing a red icon on the dock telling me some things were past due. For the most part things I assigned with a due date were really things I just wanted to be done by a certain time, but in no way had an actual concrete deadline.

The way you mention Start Dates is exactly how I use them, for when I can/should/could begin to look at that particular action. With my "Cleaner Home" actions each action has a starting date so many number of days after that action has been completed. Laundry starts and shows up again every 7 days, bathroom and bedroom 7 days, water cactus every 30 days, etc.

With what you stated about estimates and applying them to my actions, so I'll know roughly about how much time an action will take in my appropiate context...well, this sounds great.

But you mentioned filtering them so if I'm pressed for time I can view what I actually can do,...but what do you mean? I can have a view that'll show me what I can do at a specific location with a time allotment available? Is this a perspective?