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IntlOrange: This may well be a problem on the phone side. We have some workarounds for some bugs in some WebDAV servers (and I think at least one of our own bugs) in version 1.0.1 for the iPhone. However, as of this writing, Apple has not yet completed their review of version 1.0.1. We all eagerly await them releasing this version.

john36: please report this to our support team if you haven't already (via the Send Feedback item in the Help menu), along with info about what web host you are using for WebDAV. They may have a workaround for you, or may already know about this bug in which case your report will help elevate its priority and/or help us diagnose it if we haven't already, or this may be a new bug that we aren't familiar with in which case your report will be very valuable in identifying and hopefully isolating and fixing this.