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But why read through a 300 page book when, when 10 words would have made the break through for me:-
Here's the 10 words
"Sort a hierarchical structure between projects in the PLANNING mode"

i.e. apply a hierarchical structure to your list of projects.
Up to that point i was using "edit" "sort" "by name"...which was constantly sorting my projects from A-Z rather than the priority order of projects.
There's actually quite a bit of useful content in the book, certainly more than 10 words' worth :-) Much of what I think is useful for the process of getting set up with GTD in OmniFocus is concentrated in part I of the book, which is only about 80 pages. But remember, OmniFocus isn't designed to be used ONLY with a GTD working style, and you don't have to adopt GTD to get value from it.

Nothing wrong with sorting projects from A-Z, either, if that's what works best for you. I use daily reviews, start dates, and flags to manage the prioritization of my hundreds of projects, and sort the projects A-Z in the sidebar (with some categorization in folders so all the related projects are together, but still sorted A-Z).