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It is interesting to read the initial post. There are many different ways to use OF. Diving into these boards looking for "the answer" is going to be fruitless as OF was designed to work within the context (no pun intended) of David Allen's book. If you read the book, Mr. Allen goes through great pain to NOT specifically show you how to execute his paradigm. I hesitate to call GTD a "method" because that implies specific, physical, instructions. Rather it is a way to change your way of thinking about, and doing things and keeping track of it.

That said, I was struggling until I started to PLAN in project mode and WORK out of context mode. I wish that little piece of GTD has resonated more clearly with me. The interesting thing about OF is that, in my opinion, OF for the Mac excels at planning (while the iphone version that is pretty painful) while the iPhone excels at working out of context mode and the Mac interface is just a bit too busy/distracting.

-- Kevin