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Doesn't Apple provide the email of the people who purchase the iphone version to Omni ? It is really hard for me to believe they don't.
Actually, they really don't! What Apple provides us is a count of how many iPhone apps they sold in each market each day; there's no information about individual purchasers.

Additionally there should be a competitive pricing for user switching from paied apps (i.e. Things) to OF.
Competitive upgrades do make sense when introducing a new application to a space where there's established competition (where users currently in that market have an existing investment), but in this case OmniFocus was the first app to market in its space.

For me a price of 65 would be more appropriate.
So for the 4K licenses bought at 80 would have cost Omni 6K which would have probably being covered by the excess licenses from people deciding not to pay the 80.
That sales figure is rather dated! We've now sold 44,000 copies on the Mac and 50,000 copies on the iPhone, and both continue to have strong, steady sales.