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I am relatively new to OF, so I am exploring how to use it in the best and most efficient manner.

One of the criteria for effective use for me is the speed with which I can turn a note (or any piece of information I capture) into a properly assigned task. I work in corporate America - so my days are filled with meetings, phone conversations and a lot of note taking about what I do, and the interactions I have with people.

I hate doing anything twice when it can be done once. I found myself getting frustrated when I had to copy individual notes I took on a word processor and paste them into OmniFocus tasks. After playing around with documents (word processor, Google Docs, etc.,) and outlines (I purchased OmniOutliner), I discovered that OmniFocus has a very decent outlining/notes taking capabilities.

I created a Folder for daily notes, and have start a new project for any given day. Every time I have a meeting, conversation, brainstorm, etc., I create a new task - which quickly turns into a group, as there are inevitably child tasks that represent the equivalent of bullet points for what is being said, done, etc.

Some of the child tasks are not really tasks, but many are, and it is rather convenient to be able, right there and then, to assign dates and a context. In order for the task to fit in the right place in my world of to do items, I drag the task to the right folder/project and drop it there (unless the entire meeting represents a whole new project, in which case, all tasks remain together.

I find this, so far, to be a very good and convenient system. The one draw-back is that once I drag a tasks away, my notes for the meeting are no longer complete. This may turn out to be immaterial, but I like to be able to look at the minutes from a meeting and review them as a whole.

So, I am curious whether anyone else here is using OmniFocus in this fashion, and whether they found a way to keep all the notes/tasks together under, while at the same have them assigned to the various projects/folders where they end up belonging (for some reason often one meeting generates tasks that fall under different projects).

Of course, the ability to assign tasks to multiple contexts/projects would address the issue. Or better yet have the ability to define meta data, in which case I can keep the tasks together under the common definition of "meeting."

Thank you very much for your thoughts.