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OmniFocus isn't really a note-taking tool: I suspect if you try and make that one of its primary functions then it will end up short. One of the things it does, if used properly, is hide info from you that you can't act on.

I personally use Yojimbo (you could use TextEdit, or DEVONthink, or OmniOutliner, or myriad other tools) to take the notes, and then I use the clipping service of OmniFocus to take all "to do" items from the notes and put them in OF. I then leave the notes in Yojimbo for reference. This works fairly well for me, with the benefit that once I'm through with a meeting, I have a read of all the notes and transfer the data over, which could help me catch things I originally forgot to mark as a task.
Thanks, I will certainly try this. My goal is basically to have an immediate a path from text entered to turning that text into an action with the least amount of work beyond what it took to enter the initial text.