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You can, in fact, take your notes in Omnioutliner and simply copy/paste into OF.
The only thing that will not be pasted is project and context (in a proper manner). If you make Oo columns like Start-Due-Time Estimate they will paste fine. You can save these columns as an Oo template. Try it out, although it involves some of the copy/paste you wanted to avoid.
There is also a script for exporting from Omnifocus to Omnioutliner that could be a solution for you. Check out the Omnifocus Extras forum for scripts.

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Thank you very much, Arlid! I wonder if integration between OO and OF be made, such that, provided the right columns exist in OO, one could literally drag an OO row and drop it in the right location in OF (just like you can do with Actions within OF).

I found the copying and pasting a bit awkward, but that is a personal preference/issue on my part :-)

The concept of the export is very interesting, and I will certainly take a look (did you mean to say from OmniFocus to OmniOutliner or the other way around?).

Interestingly enough, so far, taking notes directly in OF and then moving the appropriate ones to where they should be presents the most straight forwards and convenient approach. The only caveat, as I said in the original post to this thread, is the loss of parts (or the entirety) of the original note. I am curious, though, whether it actually matters, if the right actions are created and are in the right places.