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I am very interested in this thread. I am a Macbook Pro user, now switching to OF from Franklin Planner because I want the GTD functionality. However, one feature I use all the time in FP is the daily notes page. I record phone calls, meeting notes, contact numbers and emails, any info that is useful and worth keeping as reference during my day.

The greatest part of that is that it is searchable. If I need to know what I gave my family members for birthdays last year (so I won't repeat) I just do a search and boom - it's there.

Can I get this functionality from OF? Maybe there's a way in iCAL? I'll be switching calendars now too since I won't be using FP any longer (the last vestige of PC software running on my Mac).

Thanks All
MacYogi, if you want to, you can certainly use OF for these types of notes taking. You can probably create a folder where you would have one or a number of projects which you would use for the notes, and whenever you write something down that is actually a task, you would assign it to an actual, rather than note taking project.

The problem here is that you would lose that particular text from your ongoing note (it will end up as a task somewhere else). The solution I arrived at is using another note taking tool, and whenever there is a task, I apply the notation used to send tasks to OF through email.

The reason it works well for me is that during the day I often do not use Mac OS, but rather Linux - hence I do not have a direct access to OF on the Mac. By using the Mail integration format: --TaskName>ProjectName@Context#DueDate, I can easily send the task to be processed by OF once I open my Mac, AND I do not lose any portion of my note. On top of that, it is very clear, when I look at the text of my notes, when something is a task (due to the funky notation).

You might want to just paste the task into OF, if you use your Mac throughout the day. I'd venture to say that you will spend more time doing that, since you will need to set up the project, context, etc. (the exception to that would be if you were to use OmniOutliner for your task taking, as you could actually drag an OO row to OF - but you need to have OO for that).

Hope this makes sense and helps. Let me know if anything is unclear.