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I've been reading this thread and am very interested about using OmniFocus (instead of Yojimbo - or another one) to store reference materials, such as little notes I would take on a notebook.

I currently just have a project for those, and search when I need something, but it is not perfect as those appear as task just like anything else in OF. What's the best way to work with those?

Thanks a lot
Unless you are using the notes section of a task, then any note you take will, indeed, be a task. The way I do it is to have a special folder for the notes. I have a project very every day, with every discrete meeting or brainstorming session (or whatever event would trigger the writing of a note) as a task. I try to break down my writing into a list form - making individual thoughts/ideas into child tasks of the main task (and children of children, etc.). This way, if any of them turn to be an actual task, I can move it to the appropriate project.

Hope this helps.