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The more I use OG6 - which is so much better in so many ways - the more things I realized I've lost. But this issue seriously affects my daily workflow.

In any inspector field, you can still press the up/down arrows and increment/decrement by 1. But it used to be you could be in that same field, and hold down Shift. Then the up/down arrows would increment by 10.

It would be an understatement to say I used this shortcut 50 times in a given day. Not 50 up/down arrow presses, mind you: 50 separate adjustments. What an amazing time saver. (Most of my job is done in OG: six hours a day, easy.)

And now this shortcut is gone. Plus, clicking into an inspector field STILL doesn't select the existing text. You have to select it before you start typing. And type? I almost never type in inspector fields: it's all shift+up/down till I get close, then tap-tap without Shift to hit the mark.

For example, if I wanted to change from a grid of 10 to a grid of 1, which is completely common for me, this is what my muscle memory does:

1. Click into the major grid spacing field
2. Up-arrow to reach 11 (don't get me started about needing this step)
3. Shift+down-arrow reach 1.

What's that - a half-second?

Now the shortest route is this:

1. Hit Command+4 to open the Canvas inspectors in the Inspectors palette so the Grid inspector is revealed. (I no longer can see all inspectors I use at once, no matter how big my monitor is.)
2. Click into the major grid spacing field.
3. Double-click to select everything.
4. Type 1 (which for me require taking my eyes off the screen)
5. Hit Enter.

Throw me a rope, OmniGroup.