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Couple of things I've thought of after dinking around for a while:

1. I would really like to have months also shown (by name) in the Quarter zoom level, and quarters shown in the Year zoom. The lines are not sufficient for quick reads.
2. I'd like to be able to use keyboard combos to zoom in and out and zoom to fit. Preferably cmd+/-, though I know Omni uses those for text sizing in OG, and uses cmd-ctrl+/-. Either way, zooming in and out I do quite a lot, it would be great to have a keyboard combo.
3. I'd like a "jump to today" capability, like cmd-T in Entourage. Also some keyboard commands to page sideways would be great, or just allowing the use of the spacebar as a grab hand, like in any graphics app. Anything to help those of us who are not full time PM's and use graphics apps for most of our day make this feel as fluid as possible.
4. I'd like a way to easily and clearly tell when I'm in the past. There is a line that shows "today" of course, but if you are zoomed in on a complex project it's sometimes hard to instantly tell where you are. Coloring the background of the past would be an easy cue and help you know which way to scroll with zero effort. For example: