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The main reason I'm asking for this: the print view. When I print the overview of my actions while in the context area (I don't want to print one particular context), I get this output:

Due today:
Name of task - Project - Due Date

Due tomorrow:
Name of task - Project - Due Date

This view is exactly how I have it setup in the Contexts area. Why can't I just add the context name? The whole concept of contexts is useless if I can't see what the context is when I print a list. You can't be saying I'm the only Omni user who prints by due dates. There's no way to tell where the action belongs.

Printing the Projects area is never going to happen either, since it'll place the whole project in the "Due today" area if ONE action is due today. Yes, I can view the context while looking at the project view, but it is not very useful because I have a ton of tasks in the "Miscellaneous" project. If one of them is due today, my whole Misc. project prints on the top of the page (regardless of due date).

And I anticipate this coming up: why do I print the list? I can't use OmniFocus at work (Windows) and don't want to deal with two programs. I don't feel like staring at my iPhone all day either. (This also leads to asking if I can print "due today" and "due within the next week" ONLY? Can't find that option either, so I get a list of every single action I have due date or no due date every time I print.)