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@bigcloits -

I saw in one of your posts that you mentioned anxiety whenever you would see your due dates turning to red and passing by.

One thing that I have internalized through reading other people's experience was that I never put a due date on something unless it *absolutely needs to happen by that date. I used to put due dates as a way to spur me to take action on something by a certain day, but I found that if it was just a "wish" to do it and not a "have to," then it would slip by and turn red with no consequence. To me, that was the same system I used to have which was to put a to-do item in iCal for a certain day, and just let it keep slipping day by day. This was the exact wrong way to utilize OF in its most GTD-ness.

But, once I understood that a due date in OF meant that it *had to get done by/on a certain day, I stopped assigning due dates as much. For example, if I have "Call Phil" in the system, and he is leaving for Antarctica on Friday for a year, then I will put a due date on that one. Because when it turns red on Saturday, then forget it - he's gone. So, red actions to me means that I blew it.

It seems like Flags are really the way to go with highlighting those things that you feel you want to accomplish today/tomorrow/this week in order to stand out from massive list, but missing one won't be a disaster.