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Similar to other posters, I use both Daylite and OmniFocus. Daylite is weak on task management, while Omni is strong on task management. For simple projects, either would work fine.

You can get tasks back and forth from OmniFocus to Daylite, easily, but there are some gotchas. I have Categories defined in Daylite to include calendars, and sync these calendars to iCal automatically. In OmniFocus, I select "Synchronize with iCal" to move tasks to iCal and thereby to Daylite. And vice-a-versa. The gotcha is that when a task is modified in Daylite and synced back to OmniFocus, the context changes to the first one available in the calendar to context match of the iCal preference panel in OmniFocus, losing the previous context setting. I'm not sure if this is a bug or just something I haven't figured out yet. As a result, I try to remember to modify tasks only in OmniFocus.

Once the task is in Daylite, I can link it to other items including contacts.

Daylite's main organizer is Categories, though there are other organizers, while OmniFocus's main organizer is Contexts. These are not equivalent organizers or tags, and don't and shouldn't synce, in my opinion.

Not a perfect world, but one that works pretty well for me.

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