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Originally Posted by Forrest
any haxies installed?
Many. I was hoping for a suggestion for where to start. It'd take all day to disable each thing individually. The only one I can think of that might interfere with this is ICeCoffEE, but that's disabled in OW.

Originally Posted by JKT
Check your keyboard shortcut for the Dictionary in System Preferences>Keyboard & Mouse. If it looks normal, do you have something else installed that conflicts with it such as a Service? Try changing the shortcut to see if it works thereafter.
The shortcut is set in the System Prefs.

I realize I failed to say it works in my account in other apps like Safari, just not in OW, which leads me to believe I've done something to OW.

Looking at it now more carefully, it actually does work in OW, but only in text entries (like the one I'm typing in now). First time I notice it. Clicking on words outside of this text entry block, it doesn't work. I click on them and hit the shortcut, nothing; highlight them, nothing. In my test account, the shortcut worked everywhere.

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