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One of the things to remember is that sometimes we may spend so much time tweaking our setup and trying out new techniques that we don't really get anything done. I'm quite comfortable with using OmniFocus and my iPod touch. I've looked at AutoFocus and have pondered how to incorporate it.

It reminds me of a time when my Windows friend would keep tweaking his PC to get "better performance" from it. His PC spent more time with its innards exposed than it did actually doing any real work. Meanwhile, I have my MacBook humming along and getting things done.... ;-)

Take a look at AutoFocus, see if it works but then move on if you haven't figured out how to incorporate or if it can replace your GTD setup. But in the end, I realized that I'm already doing a lot of similar things in my OmniFocus/GTD workflow that I can find in AutoFocus.

Here are some things I observed from AutoFocus:

Each "page" appears to be just another word for context. Mark Forster says have a notebook for each location you're in.... One for the office, one for the house, One for errands. Sounds familiar? It feels like context city here....

Then keep reviewing each list or page in the notebook you have until something stands out. This sounds more like the weekly review but done on more frequent intervals.

I'd imagine that you'll have to set your perspective views to show all remaining items instead of next actions only. Then you can just keep looking the list over and over until you finally find something that says "do me!"

But I guess the weekly review allows me to do the same thing. Of course, you can perform your weekly review on a more frequent basis depending on your demands and situation.