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To M-N & InAccuFacts

Thanks for your explaination and the post. Since 3 days i was trying to find a solution adapting autofocus (AF) to Omnifocus (OF). It it clear for me.

See my blog (in French about GTD methods on paper, Omnifocus and my comments about Autofocus

But i dont totaly agree the way you M-N does it. There may be another solution. It is still too GTD.

My purpous is to keep the principle of GTD methods and first the projects analysis. But i am very impressed by the efficiency of mark's methode AF. I tried it for two days and did much work with less stress. So it is good for me.

The way to make contexts such as @work, @Home ... is just GTD. Mark does'nt mean that. He says that there must be a big mixt up of every items so that your brain is a bit lost and the intuition help you to make the good choice.

So my way could be to eliminate all contexts and replace them by page 1, page 2, page 3 and s.o. (I have 9 pages of 20 items). Then you can apply Mark methods read quickly on by one each item page one first, then secont time read carefuly each item and choose what is evident-do it. If not finished go at the end of last page, if there is something you are not sure to do just flag it as you said.

Then you have the best of the two methods OF and AF you can use OF for it's power, due dates, research of items or contacts, work on projects & S.O but use AF for its power and your imagination.

Well it seems to be working very well. I gonna see it on the rush on monday.

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