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after some additinal fiddling and being too frustrated with simulating "pages" (and how to highlight dismissed items? and how to get the software to keep all the done things visible so I get motivation?), I switched back to paper. Nothing fancy, just two cheap notepads for home and work and a third, smaller for errands.

and you know what? super-productive weekend! always-on-inbox! The added commitment of Having Written It Down! No more running upstairs and waking up the computer to check the next task... No more fiddling with the iPod touch, good bye, endless, complicated synch!

maybe it is just my poor concentration skills, but I start to value simplicity. But not so fast. what I'll do next weekend is an evaluation: How many tasks did I achieve using AF on paper instead of GTD in OF? And which tasks, exactly ?

What changes for distractible me with less exposure to the screen? I am curious.

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