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Yes, oftentimes, it is best to use pen and paper when starting on a brand new system. When I first started GTD, I stuck with pen and paper until I became comfortable with GTD. I didn't want or need the complexity of trying to conform an experiment into software. It was only until after I became comfortable with GTD that I finally turned my eyes towards a software solution.

I don't know if OF would be the best software solution for AF. OF is best suited for GTD. Sure, it can be fitted for other productivity systems but it works at its best as a GTD solution.

I would probably stick with pen and paper until after 6 months of using AF and then see how I can use OF with AF. It is tempting to try to tweak OF with AF now but it might just throw a monkey wrench into your AF experiment. Just use pen and paper for now until you feel you have mastered AF. Then see if you can find a software solution....

I can see how using AF for the runway level of next actions can work and then using OF for the 20,000 feet level (projects level).

But I personally like the ability to "focus" just on next actions instead of scanning a whole sheet of paper to look for something that pops up at me.

In a way, I am already doing the scanning as presented in AF. I scan my list of next actions to see which ones pop out to me and brings attention to me. Then I'll go ahead and do it.

That's part of AF that I do use.....

So we can all take bits and pieces of different productivity system and tweak it to our use.

Personally, I like the idea of everybody finding what works best for themselves.

If Buddhism works for you, good. Maybe Catholicism works better? Or Muslim? Whatever rocks your boat.

Heck, I've even seen Catholics also incorporate some parts of Zen Buddhism into their lives.

As long as it works.

I think I've taken the scanning part of AF into my GTD methodology and it works for me.

It was similar to how a lot of people incorporated parts of GTD and DIT into their methodology....