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It is tough when you see even 5 actions to choose what is the right one to start with.

I used GTD for almost 5 years and still didn't get how to choose what's most important. I didn't get the concept of context, time, energy because either you have priority and do it or not. And it doesn't matter if you have energy or not. Anyway as David himself told you should use your gut feeling to choose the right next action. That never worked for me.

Another Guru - Julie Morgenstern - suggested to use time, ROI and deadline system to choose. It means you should write down all your next actions and then put down their ROI, time, deadline. I think it's too complex and could take 15-30 min just to guess what to do :)

My approach is in between. Split the day between work, home, family and other roles. Read through all your available actions when in the zone. If nothing jumped at you then do them one by one starting from the top. Do as many as you can do in 1 hour. I schedule doing time because I have too many meeting requests and want to protect that time. Usually my next actions turn to be 2-5 min long. I can do dozen of them through this doing hour moving projects ahead.