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I could use some help. Long ago I used to use Project and currently (rarely use) FastTrack Schedule due to it's complex non-mac feel. Here are my questions:
1. Is there a competitive upgrade from FastTrack Schedule to OmniPlan?
2. I've seen comparisons of Merlin and OmniPlan but they are all for older versions. Do you know of any comparing Merlin 2.5 vs OmniPlan 1.5 beta?
3. Why did you select one over the other?
4. My simple view is that Merlin2 may be better (more features) but harder to use than OmniPlan (less features) -- both are easier and more mac-like than FastTrack Schedule.
5. Do either sync with OmniFocus and OmniOutline? -- a huge plus for me.
6. Which gives the most flexibility and great printout hard copy options?
7. Any idea if either will someday work with an iPhone?
8. How far out is version 2.0 -- estimate?

Thanks, Walt