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Is it still possible to get a "Due OR Flagged" view / perspective in OF 1.7.3?

If so, how?

I have searched the forums to try and determine if there is a way to create a view that shows me all actions that are either "due" (or near due) like the default "Due" perspective OR flagged like the default "Flagged" perspective.

Maybe I'm just thick headed, but I only see the ability to AND criteria together and save that as a custom perspective.

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere... but I see a number of posts that lead me to believe this is possible, but nothing that explains how.

Figured this out shortly after posting. The key for me was recognizing that there are multiple ways to create a custom perspective. Accessing "Perspectives -> Show Perspective" and then selecting a status of Due or Flagged did the trick for me... and then I recognized that this was also available on the View toolbar under status filter.

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