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When I sync with MobileMe: Will always the whole data file transfer to or from the iPhone or iPad when I start OF or make a new entry? How high is the volume of data transfer to or from MobileMe?
The initial sync has to transfer all the data. After that only the necessary information to transfer changes is sent. That is, information about any edits you've made, plus any automatic changes like repeating events. I find sync to be very fast, but I think it depends on the speed of the Mobile Me service in your area. In the States, Mobile Me seems to be fairly snappy these days, but I've heard that isn't necessarily the case everywhere.

I think there is no push notification with the iPad or Desktop version?! Is push possible with iPhone 4?
Notifications are not push-based for OmniFocus. That would require a separate server to send the notifications. Instead, OF uses time-based notifications. Those are done with Growl on the desktop (a free, additional installation) and with iOS 4 notifications on iPhone and iPod Touch. If the rumors of iOS 4 for iPad coming out on Aug. 16 are true, then we'll probably get notifications on the iPad soon as well.

The notification settings for OF iPhone are really limited in the current release, just a hidden preference for turning them on or off. However, Ken at OG has said that improving that is near the top of the list of things to do now that OF iPad has shipped.

What's the meaning of Data Safe? I think it's no encrypt of the data file.
Where did you see the phrase Data Safe? Perhaps you mean "Data Protection"?

It is true that the data file is not encrypted on your desktop. On Mobile Me, the data is just protected by whatever mechanisms Mobile Me provides. OF provides no extra protection. On your iOS devices, again, the data is just protected by whatever mechanisms the device provides. As far as I know, OF provides no extra protection.

Hope that helps!