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@whpalmer4 I gave this as an example because it is one I already use with the Mac version of OF. I already have over 20 textexpander shortcuts to phone numbers, all simple to remember eg. bobmobile, bossmobile, bossoffice etc. So when I'm on my Mac I don't have to switch to the address book to get a contacts number. It would work exactly the same with an iOS version, everything could be done within OF without having to switch out to a different app to get additional info.

It's not just phone number, URL's too, not simple web addresses but long ones that go to a specific page that I visit on a regular basis. If these could be entered via a textexpander shortcut too it's all saves time from switching apps.

I use shortcuts for plenty of other shortcuts too, and I'm sure anyone else who uses textexpander on their Mac has their own way of using it and will agree that it can become a huge timesaver, and would save even more time on an iOS device. Unless you are a regular user of textexpander a lot of people don't realize it's benefits, I too thought like that up until a year ago.

Where OF helps you to organize your life and help you to be more productive. Textexpander can help you save time in the organising part, leaving more time to be productive.