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I am currently working on wireframes for an app that requires data tables. I actually need tables fairly often.
I have been using the Make Table command so far, and it works OK, but when requirements are changing and you need to move things around in a table, not so much. Actually after using the pasted table I realized that it's not that easy to move things around in there either. I thought I'd have full edit functionality such as being able to move columns within the table. General navigation within the table and resizing of columns etc is also a little funky. I'm almost missing Visio! *almost*

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How do you make use of the table stuff in OmniGraffle? I've yet to see (or imagine) a diagram that makes use of it, and am awaiting the opportunity to say "hey, that's really cool!" rather than "um, okay, don't need to remember how this works" :-)