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Trying to use theming or modifying a structural style will not override the style of the pasted text because it's the text itself that has the style characteristics. This is the same as selecting a single word and make it red. If you made that whole red green, the red word will still be red because you made a very specific change.

What you really want to do is turn off styles getting pasted with the source. To do this:
-Go to the doc picker
-Tap the gear icon in the top right
-Select Settings
-Turn off 'Paste from other apps preserves styles'

This will cause any text you paste to just paste the plain text representation of it.

To fix any existing files,:
-Select the actual text, not the row
-Open the text style inspector (the one with the 'i' icon)
-Scroll to the bottom of the inspector and tap Customize style
-Tap 'Clear Custom Style' at the bottom of that inspector. This will remove all styling on your selection.