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I too was running into this problem.
For those who haven't seen this yet, in Leopard you can now add "To Do" items directly from any mail message, and they have a link back to the mail message so you can get to the mail from ical when you read the ToDo.

Unfortunately, it appears that OF uses that URL field for linking back to itself instead, which in general is quite useful, BUT...
once you sync your iCal ToDo's to OF, the link gets changed, and there's no longer any way to get back to the mail message without hunting for it.

The closest workaround I've found so far is VERY cumbersome:
- Make the ToDo from mail, as usual
- Move it to a Calendar that OF can see (another separate issue with OF)
- Open the ToDo in iCal
- copy the URL field and paste it as a note on the message
- sync with OF
- now when you want to follow the link you need a way to get back to Mail with it; it no longer seems to be a URL that is linked. It's just the text of the URL. I've found that by pasting it into a browser, it will open up and jump to the message.

So basically, this is FAR too heavyweight to be useful, except in those rare cases where you absolutely MUST have the link back to the original email in a ToDo, and are willing to go through great pains to do so.

So here's what I suggest OF does:
1) allow syncing with the Mail Calendars directly (so you don't have
to move the ToDo to a local calendarf first)
2) Never clobber the URL field! If you want to hijack it, then copy
the original field into an attached note.
3) If a URL for a mail message is found in an attached note, allow
the user to simply click on it and jump to it.

Getting this fixed would make OF *way* more useful with Leopard.
Overall, everything else is really great.