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I am finishing up my python script (using appscript) to import all our project/clients/todos/time entries from basecamp and am having trouble figuring out how to set the start/end date of a task and have it stick.

Right now i am setting the project start date to the earliest existing Todo from my basecamp export, then i am setting the start/end date of each task as I create them.

Here is what I am doing (summarized and in appscript parlance):

for todo in todos:
When I run this all my tasks are lined up at the project start with start and end like:

Actual: T day 8:00 AM
Baseline: T+494w 1d 12:00 AM

I am still hunting for any examples on creating existing tasks with actual start/stop dates, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hopefully if I can get this ironed out i will post my scripts so others can utilize them.