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Perhaps I should just link to our blog post:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: OmniWeb 5.9.2 now includes Gopher support!
What an exciting addition to OmniWeb! Here's an informative quote from the above mentioned blog post: "Gopher is a revolutionary network protocol that allows users to search and retrieve items from the Internet such as documents and graphic images. Using Gopher, itís possible to access many types of content over computers: text-based files, mailing lists, even photos." Mr. Case then provides an example of the practical value of the Gopher protocol: "For instance, just today I was able to access a weather report via Gopher, so I knew to bring my umbrella to work. The future is now!" This is awesome!! I often think I can wear shorts to school in the early spring, then I end up falling victim to the vagaries of Calgary's weather. No longer will I suffer so, thanks to the OmniGroup's leading support for this cutting-edge technology.

To get back to the original (that is, real) topic of this thread, I haven't experienced the memory leak in any version after 843.

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