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Hi all,

I've just started exploring beyond it's very basic feature-set and have stumbled across variables. Oh, how much work could I have save, had I known earlier about this! (Yes, I'm a newbie to the program.) Anyways, there are predefined system variables and then there's the possibility to create custom variables la <%UserData myvariablename%>.

My problem is, that I can't seem to find a way to define the "data key" and "data value" globally for the whole document, but just locally for one specific object at a time. Wouldn't it make sense, to set up all variables (e.g. customer, projectname, etc.) just once and then call the variable whenever I need it. I've found several threads discussing variables, but nothing on this problem. Or am I completely missing something here?

UPDATE: To be a bit more specific. Say I'm working on a website for a product and mid-project the name of the product is changed. It would be great, to just have this one location, where I'd have to change said name, and it then is updated throughout the whole document.

Thanks for any input!


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