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I'd like to add on to this as well. (Usual caveat to suggestions: I love's working great).

One problem PMs need to solve is making project status accessible to people in a way that makes sense and is digestable, depending on the audience.

One of the things I love about OmniOutliner Pro is its export as Dynamic HTML, so that sections can be collapsed/expanded. I would vote that this be extended to OmniPlan as well.

A drawback of the current export to a Task Template is that the task list, while it notates the WBS number, is completely flat, and gives no visual indication of summary tasks. So, if I use a single OmniPlan file to track multiple projects within a larger initiative, there's no way to present this via the web in some kind of digestable way.

The current Web Page templates are a great foundation and structure, but if you're going to be using this for bigger-than-small projects (if you're not, OmniOutliner Pro does the trick just fine), then you've got to make the content accessible & digestable to people who don't have OmniPlan. This means being able to present summary-level stuff (which someone can dig into, if s/he wishes the details) through the web.