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Hi there,

I’m testing out Omnifocus for myself at the mo (having tried and discarded Kinkless, Things, Thinking Rock, LifeBalance and Midnight Inbox). OmniFocus seems very promising but there are 2 features which I am surprised not to find (at least adequately developed) in it or any other of the apps I’ve tested: multiple contexts and multiple projects. I mean, it seems to me that very few things that we do in life (“actions”) are restricted to just ONE “context” or ONE “project”. Something basic like buying milk for example: relevant over several contexts: it could be bought in a store or online or i could ask the wife to pick some up on her way home from work, and so i might like to be reminded of buying milk when i find myself in any of these contexts. Clearing out the spare room: relevant over several projects: for example general spring cleaning or painting or rewiring the apartment.

Are these (to me seemingly quite important) missing features possible already in Omnifocus but I can’t see them? Or are they perhaps in the pipeline? Fingers crossed. Comments? Answers? :-)