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I'm still a little fuzzy on how best to sync OO outlines with my iPad. I'm experimenting with doing it thru iTunes, and have added a bunch of OO outlines into iTunes' "OmniOutliner Documents" window. I press sync and they show up on my iPad just fine.

But if I update a document on my Mac, do I then have to re-import the newer version into iTunes to have it show up on the iPad? It seems as if I do. It seems like no matter what changes I make to the version on my Mac, I can hit Sync in iTunes all I want, and it's just going to keep sending the old version to the iPad unless I physically add the new version to iTunes.

So my first question is: is that right, or am I missing something?

2nd question: if I make changes on the outline on my iPad, and then sync thru iTunes, does the changed outline from my iPad overwrite the old file on my Mac, or do I have to do something manually to have the new version replace the old one?

Boy, I can't wait for iCloud sync ...