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Right. In playing around with both methods today, I see that with iTunes I have to drag the latest version into the OO Docs window, and then when I get home and sync to the iPad, drag the edited version out onto my desktop.

For my purposes, that's actually less clunky than using WebDAV - which had more steps to it. Open Finder, access the Server, copy the file to the folder on the server, then open the iPad, download it to the iPad, then upload it back to the server, and then drag it from the server to the desktop.

Different strokes, I suppose, but the iTunes method is cleaner for me. And because I'm used to plugging the iPad in when I get home, and iTunes opens up automatically, it's a visual reminder to me to get the edited document off there, and not start working on the older file on my hard drive.

Thanks for all the advice ... can't wait for OO on iCloud.