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If I sync a plan with OP desktop having edited it on my iPad, is anything lost? I can't imagine that the iPad app supports all features that the desktop version does, so what happens to things that are not supported?
The internal OmniPlan model code is shared between the iPad and Mac editions, so most features are supported on both platforms even when they're not directly accessible. (For example, you can apply custom formatting to text in notes in the Mac app, but not on the iPad app. When you edit these notes on iPad, you'll see the custom formatting and will be able to edit the text itself even though you can't change the formatting.)

There are a few features that are supported on Mac but not iPad, such as custom publish/subscribe actions and links to external attachments, which are ignored but preserved.

If you want to be extra careful, you can turn on change tracking and review every change made by the other edition (just as you can when collaborating with other team members) and decide whether to accept or reject each change.

Hope this helps!