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NO, absolutely not! Priorities are a different religion to the GTD mantra. You will be branded as a heathen if word gets out that you want to do this. Certainly you will ostracized if you even try to ask here in the forums how to include priorities on tasks in Omnifocus.

CUT for Comedic Effect


This subject has been an ongoing internal debate in the forums here for at least two years. As the GTD fundamentalists will tell you, multiple contexts (i.e. tags + contexts) are a transgression equal to a mortal sin. You will be damned to a life of agony, or some equivalent life of constant confusion about how to Get Things Done in a purely sublime way. Multiple contexts or tags are one step below trying to use priorities within the GTD religion for the evil they will cause you.
So if I want both I'm officially going to Hell? Suppose that's better than trying to use things ;-)